Oxymorons and Onomatopeia

Words are so cool . Dont you just love how they roll off the tongue or onto the page . I certainly hope so . But I will try to stay with just the two kinds mentioned in the title . I was first introduced to the glorious word oxymoron by our pastor in Georgia over 20 years ago . I can remember thinking what a really great word . And they come to mind so readily ergo; jumbo shrimp, obedient cat ( Sorry, couldnt resist ) bad dog ( ha ) , government help, death wish , sweet tart, silent scream , holy war  etc . By all means come up with your own . By the way , postal service is Not an oxymoron . Quickly on to onomatopeia . How about clang, exhiliration, implode, explode, dynamite, explosive – seems to be a pattern here . Enough for now. Happy wordsmithing.


July 3, 2008 - Posted by | education |

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