Money, Money

Read an article this week that stated there are now over 10 million millonaires in the world- has a nice ring to it- like a cash register or maybe economic onomotopeia even . Approximately 1/3 of these folks are the in the U S . Numbers like these usually me lead down a whimsical path . How many of us know a millionaire , how does one recognize a millionaire other than by the obvious ways, how did they feel upon becoming a millionaire, when do they have enough money and would we want to be one of them if we could . We have all heard athletes during contract negotiations say its not about the money ( Ha ) i just want to provide for my family ( 5 mill per year rather than 4 ) etc . Bottom line I don’t think we need to begrudge the well to do for their means because after all it’s not money but the love of said money that is the root of all evil , so says I Timothy 6:10 . So, if you are not one of the 10.1 million I have a little game you can play that is almost as good . On those nights that you have trouble falling asleep. instead of a pill, try this . Pretend that you have been given – tax-free – a million dollars . Then in your mind begin to spend it , not greedily but with  a dash of prudence . I have done this several times and have yet to spend it all before falling asleep . Just call it free advice.


June 27, 2008 - Posted by | economy

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