Turn Signals and Appendixes

My dad was one of the original defensive drivers. Drive the speed limit , good following distance and use the turn signal always. Being an inveterate people watcher , I have observed a distinct decline in the use of the turn signal . More mature readers will remember the days of the hand signal ( not that hand signal ) to indicate a right or left turn or a lane change. Somewhere along the way , the mechanical marvel that we now have came into being and allowed us to signal without getting wet or cold etc.My observation has been that we rarely employ these marvelous inventions for their intended purpose , leaving other drivers to guess our intentions at intersections or stoplights. So i naturally came up with a parallel between the turn signal and the appendix. Virtually all of us have them if they have not been surgically removed . And we probably have been told that there is or was no real reason for them anyway ( seeing the comparison already arent you ) . But new research says volia , the lowly worm like organ has a purpose . Its role so they say ( these are Duke University experts , by the way ) is to produce and protect good germs. So if even the appendix has a role cant we find something to do with those seldom used turn signal indicators- rubber band holder maybe or old chewing gum depository ahhhh. Any suggestions accepted.


June 25, 2008 - Posted by | Culture

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